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Our more astute listeners may have noticed that from February 2022, the second of our two monthly Community Keyboards programmes starts with a well-known signature tune!

For forty years, "This Could Be The Start of Something Big!" introduced our regular look at the popular organ and keyboard world.  On the occasion of our 40th Anniversary, we heralded a brand new theme tune, written by Andy Quin, entitled "Sound Future" and giving the show a fresh new, forward thinking feel.

Public outcry!

Many listeners got in touch to say how much they missed the old introductory music - and can't say that I'm really too surprised - the 1956 Steve Allen composition really is a cracker of a tune.  Throughout our "life" on air, we've had various incarnations played on both pipes and electronics. 

So....a compromise!

When I started a daily programme between 1pm and 3pm one complete with at least EIGHT tracks of theatre organ music old and new every day, it dawned on me that not everyone could or would be able to tune in - the station is not available on "conventional" radio - but is playable via the above website or by asking your smart speaker to "play mechanical music radio - so why not give listeners a chance to catch up with these great theatre organ sounds via Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm, in the same way as our other Community Keyboards programme.  And, in an effort to please everyone all of the time, bring back the old signature tune for that hour. 

It's a win-win situation!

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